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About Caña

Noun: caña (kah-nyah) Measure of draft beer (Spain), a glass of beer.

About Caña

Caña is a craft beer magazine. A culture magazine. A media platform taking a fresh approach to craft beer and its culture. That might mean anything from a food-forward brewery to a third wave coffee roaster; a restaurant dedicated to smoking and fermentation, or an artist bringing new life to beer label art. It might just mean a gonzo report from the frontline of drinking. It is about artisans and creatives; real people and the love of a good beer.

We are dedicated to producing editorial that stands out from its peers, that is inclusive and diverse, inspired and inspiring——but never ever taking itself seriously. This is a platform for those who adore beer and adore drinking it. We don’t assume you know the flavour profile of every hop, nor the processes behind each style; Caña is not a research paper, it is a way of life. We are creating a new voice for craft beer and its culture. And you are a part of it.

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Remember, you can help support Caña’s future ambitions from as little as $2 a month. Our ambitions? Caña seeks to be a creativity-rich media platform giving a new voice to craft beer and its culture, we plan to work with the best writers, creatives and brands. We want to release limited run zines, collaborate with artists on beautiful editioned prints, launch an independent print magazine, host progressive events that challenge and inspire. And more.

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A Craft Beer Magazine

Caña: Beer Culture exhibition at Garage Beer Co., Barcelona. Photo © Sergio Ävila

Caña, the story.

In autumn 2017, Caña magazine launched a Kickstarter to fund the inception of a fiercely independent print magazine. Although we made a respectable €6,313, the campaign still fell well short of our goal. We made mistakes: sought funds to print two issues, implied our focus would be more on art than beer, and confused with rewards (among plenty we would have changed). But hindsight, as they say, is 20/20. In the end, what we raised would have been enough to print the first issue, but the experience has improved our offering.

As well as giving us time to better understand what Caña is, the Kickstarter gave our project exposure to a wider audience, and we were humbled by the loyal following that became desperate for our success. We later released a popular weekly newsletter that Hop Culture called one of its ‘10 Best Books for Beer Drinkers in 2018‘ (even if it wasn’t actually book) and curated an exhibition at Barcelona’s Garage Beer Co. which received recognition from renowned publications the world over.

Two years later and Caña is back. Having just launched an online craft beer magazine——set to deliver a mixture of in-depth editorial, new openings, latest news and dispatches from the world of craft beer and its surrounding culture——we already have plans for making a fresh assault on the independent print industry, and have intent to produce thought-provoking and convention-defying events that we hope will take craft beer to new heights. And we’re looking for your support to ensure these plans are everything we imagine.

With a focus on challenging the current space and helping to drive forward craft beer and its surrounding culture, Caña will be paying the best writers, photographers and artists to produce exclusive content online; whilst continuing in our ambitions to realise fiercely-independent, high quality print publications. Your support may help us to release beautiful zines dedicated to particular niches; you might help fund an event that sees craft beer explored in new spaces; allow us to collaborate with the artists and makers who inspire us … most importantly, your support helps us to create the content that you crave.